Our Vision

"To deliver a stepchange in UK recycling and asset tracking business effectiveness by integrating state of the art technologies from leading industrial and academic organisations into recycling and asset tracking processes."

By utilising state of the art identification technology, Trakk-IT, can seamlessly assist in the tracking, processing and selling of WEEE

Asset Tracking

Securely and accurately ensure all goods are uniquely identified from source, using the latest RFID technology.


Trakk-IT will assist users in inspecting the quality of all goods, to ensure their maximum potential is achieved either through recycling, parts harvesting or as waste.


Trakk-IT provides an avanced reporting suite that can let you know how you are doing. Whether you are intersted in which products offer the best profit, or how particular processing steps are performing, Trakk-IT can show it.


Data Erasure

Data security is vital for the protection and comfort of suppliers and customers. Trakk-IT seamlessly integrates with market leading data erasure packages, such as Blancco. This allows the Trak-IT portal to offer copies of any erasure certificates as proof.


Trakk-IT provides an avanced reporting suite that allows sales teams to understand what assets are available for resale.


Trakk-IT provides a sales summary that allows sales teams to understand what assets are available for resale.

PAS141 & Standards Compliance

Standards compliance is critical to improve customer confidence, product resale value and your business reputation, Trakk-IT can assist in this process by standardising processing methods and providing easy access to your data


TRAKK-IT can enforce routes upon product flow that ensure any processing adheres to strict regulations and/or standards, such as PAS141. Trakk-IT will then produce real-time reports that reflect this, helping satisfy auditors and customers requirements.


AngularJS is an open source web application framework, maintained by Google.It is a powerful JavaScript based development framework to create extendable internet applications.


Node-Red is one of the latest open source offerings from IBM, that provides tools for flow based programming of interconnected devices. By utilising MQTT communications, Node-Red can quickly and efficiently organise and control any web connected device.


We offer the very latest in Radio Frequency Identification technology that seamlessly links your physical assets with the digital world. This provides unprecedented levels of traceability and ease of use throught your working environment.


MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things" connectivity protocol. It was designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport.

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